My two year old soux chef

I. Am. Loving this week off!  On top of being able to do all sorts of things that I’m never able to do at weekends, like going to soft play (when it’s not standing room only) and go to a farm to do pick your own and see the animals- I have been able to get my little girl into cooking!

Before we get into that though, I just want to say if anyone ever reads this that is from the Swindon area, then do go to Lotmead Farm.  It’s great!  Only £1.50 to get in and you get to go and see all the animals on the farm (She was obsessed by the Shetland Pony!) a really well maintained play park, Cow milking at 3pm every day and then a lovely pick your own area with tons of seasonal fruit and vegetables.  A really great day out and we will be going again.

Late season Strawberry picking at Lotmead Farm

So far, we have made Butternut Squash, Carrot and Honey Soup (delicious!) and the long awaited, Beef Shin Stew.  Both of these were super tasty and made even better by the fact I was able to make them with my little onion chopper, spoon stirring sidekick.

Only one day left of our week off together before we are joined by my lovely fiancee and bump (7 weeks to go!) and we get back to going round the shops and seeing the in-laws who are back from holiday on Saturday.  But, we do have one more day- it’s time to get serious!

Tomorrow, we are cooking some mini apple pies.  The farm next door to her nursery have a whole load going begging, so we took quite a few away with us and now it’s time to do some baking.  She has done some baking before, and enjoyed rubbing the butter into the flour to make shortbread, so I’m hoping she will still have that enthusiasm and we can make the pastry from scratch as well as the filling- so fingers crossed.

One more day to enjoy my little one.  One more day to enjoy her little smile as she sees her creations come out of the oven.


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