Back to work, no fun to be had here

My week off has well and truly finished.  Back down to Earth with a bump as the week starts off with a long list of dull work and the boss being a jebend, despite being on a completely different continent!

Oh well, it’s pay day on Friday which means that it’s off to the butchers on Saturday I go.  Laughing, skipping and happy as a school boy I go down, probably with small person in hand, to discover what delights they have in store for me this week/ month.

We should be seeing the phasing out of BBQ meats and cuts and the welcome return of delicious braising and stewing meats just ready for me to get cooking.  The only issue with this week is that Saturday, the missus is off out with her Mum to watch ‘Bridget Jones’ Baby’ meaning that I’m cooking for just me so Saturday’s meal won’t be a culinary feast I wouldn’t have imagined, but it might just give me time to get something slow cooking ready for Sunday lunch- yummy!

Meat & Veg- my favourite kind of shopping

I’m a little bit obsessed with Butternut Squash and pumpkins at the moment, so I expect another batch of soup will be prepared ready for work lunches this week.  I may also have a crack at French Onion Soup this weekend, which is by far my most favourite soup on the planet.  Complete with crunchy, cheesy croutons obviously- just utterly heart warming and delicious.

Oh well, it’s all just a slightly too far out of reach as I write currently, with it only being Tuesday.  Also, I’m taking advantage of a quiet office to post this- but will be sharing my favourite soup recipe shortly.

Damn I’m hungry!


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