Busy, busy- but finally getting a chance to cook

Well, it’s fair to say that last weekend didn’t exactly go to plan.  I didn’t get to do any cooking at all.  I spent Saturday waiting for the women in my life.

Waiting for baby shopping.  Waiting for hair cuts.  Waiting for Mum to come back from shopping.  Waiting for the missus to get back from the cinema.  Waiting, waiting, waiting….

Then the week starts to get away from you once you get back to work.  I work with mobile, and there is a new feature that is meant to be launched today which means we are at full Def Con 1, and at this moment in time- it’s still not live!  Just the 4 hours late so far!

But, the positive thing is that now it’s D-Day, I have a little bit more time on my hands so I decide to be a bit adventurous and cook a Merguez Casserole.

Having never really tried Merguez sausages before, I was a little bit nervous, but the ones I got from Source butchers were delicious and I’m super happy with how it turned out- recipe to follow!

An ingredient that I am loving at the moment is Very Lazy chopped chilli.  Such a great store cupboard staple in my opinion and a quick and easy way of adding a little heat to a dish, either through the chilli themselves or just by a splash of the chilli oil.

It’s our anniversary this weekend so we have a Saturday evening off.  It’s a date night involving the cinema, so not sure that I’m going to have much chance to cook, but may try and convince the missus that Sunday afternoon should be spent making the French Onion Soup I have been craving- wish me luck!


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