5 weeks to go…

Only 5 weeks until the due date.  Only 6 weeks at most until I’m a Dad of two, how did I get this old and grown up!?  Am I really able to be responsible for two human lives?  Probably not, but I will certainly do my best.

Baby is a bit ahead so we’re being prepared for an early arrival so that now means car seat installed in the car, hospital bag packed and Baby 1’s bag packed for an emergency stay at Nanny’s house.  Prepared.com, that’s what we are (not!)

The anniversary weekend went well, lovely night off and Girl on the Train is a fantastic film.  Great story, lots of twists and unexpected plot turns, I can thoroughly recommend it.  Mind you, I think that Aladdin is one of the greatest films ever made, so you might not want to trust my judgement when it comes to cinematography.

Not had too much chance for cooking though with baby prep which is disappointing, and with International break happening football-wise, it’s not been great for my brain to have something to help me drift away.  But, I am going to see Hungerford play this weekend with Steve, and I have an awesome looking pasta recipe to try later on this week.

Hungerford are playing Poole Town in the Charlie Austin derby (I’m calling it that anyway, it might catch on who knows!?) so I’m expecting a defeat, but I live to be surprised, although often disappointed in that regard.

Anyways, time to write up that recipe and get back to watching a heavily pregnant woman devour a tub of Ben & Jerry’s in front of Made in Chelsea


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