Holidays are coming…

Baby is now officially term.  Thank god!  It can only mean that the due date isn’t too far away, even if she doesn’t come early.  Last time, the missus was already on maternity leave and was starting to get a little bored and was nesting like mad.  This time around she is still at work, bored and nesting like mad!

Mood swings & hormones are definitely taking their toll though unfortunately.  The weekend was a little tense between the ladies in the household with arguments and tantrums breaking out, and the start of the working week hasn’t started out much better.  We’re exploring the option of starting maternity leave earlier which I think would be good.  Would make her feel a little better I think, and also stop her worrying about work, who haven’t given her one easy day or nice message ever.

So, the phone is on loud at all times waiting for the call, and is at least giving me something to think about at my work.  Boredom is definitely setting in there too.  Lots of work being thrust my way without the time to do it, and it’s not even important work.  Just lots of looking at numbers that don’t really mean anything and don’t help anybody at all.  Oh well, as the title eludes to oh so subtilely- it’s nearly Christmas!!

Present shopping has begun and planning is in full swing.  We have already bought an IKEA role play kitchen that’s ready to pimp up and make perfect for the little lady to play with.  Toy tea set has also been purchased for it, so just lots more cooking utensils to buy.

Oh, and she wants a pink bike……..



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