7 days to go…

Sorry for the long silence, the last week or so have been pretty hard going.  The good lady has started her maternity leave now after not being able to cope at work anymore, which I completely support, but has meant that instead of being uncomfortable at work, she is now uncomfortable at home!

This means more mood swings and more fractious moments between her and the sprog.  It’s really hard to watch as I don’t want to be on either side, but invariably, one or the other of them always wants me to back them up.  I’m just trying to stay impartial- although I do like the extra cuddles I get from the mini me!

On Saturday this week was the surprise baby shower I threw for her ladyship.  I’m not the best at organising anything at all it’s fair to say.  I get very easily distracted and forget to do things like, I don’t know, invite people!  But, people did turn up in the end and it appears as if she had a good time which is all I wanted.  Now just to get this baby out so I can forget about work for a week or two- it will be much deserved with the amount of rubbish being chucked our way recently…..

(Speaking of work, I don’t let anybody have the link to this blog as I don’t want them feeling like they have to read it, but, I have made an exception for my friend Colin.  She (Don’t ask!) is a good friend and always ridiculously supportive, so if you’re reading this Colin- hello!)


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