Christmas is coming, we’re all getting a little plumper…

Well, I’m now officially a Dad of two girls!  It happened and all the family are doing well.  We have taken a little time to all settle in together as a family, hence the absence from my blog, but now it’s time to get on that horse, especially as we are just over 2 weeks away from the big cooking day of the year.

This piece will focus on the big mumma, the bird that only really gets mentioned at this time of year, and one that I am not a massive fan of, but you cannot doubt it’s importance at Christmas- that’s right, Turkey.

I have actually been asked to write this blog, which is a massive deal for me.  To know that people are reading this and wanting to get my opinions on recipes and cooking methods is awesome- so thank you Mrs Colin’s Mum!

The topic in particular that was requested is; to brine, or not to brine.

Now I have been researching this a lot, and my main feeling on the matter is don’t brine the bird.  If you can get the air circulating through the cavity and can get some flavour penetrating under the skin, then you should be able to keep all of the moisture in the bird without having to compromise the flavour that you do by increasing the water content of brining.

That said, if you do wish to brine, then you can flavour the water to try and influence it a bit more that way, the most famous example of this is the Nigella recipe which I will post shortly.  The brining is a way of adding moisture to the bird, which we all know can be a bit tough and dry, but even so, I would still say don’t brine.

So, recipes to follow, but hopefully the theory behind that makes sense and it can help you with your decision on what to do on the big day with the big bird.

I will be moving on to my favourite Christmas meat next, Gammon- the king of meat in my opinion!  And sharing with you my thoughts on the Gammon I have coming for this year from my friends own pigs- can’t wait!


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  1. Colin's Mum says:

    Thanks for your input to my perfect Christmas dinner! Really think the only answer is to buy two turkeys from the same source and do a direct comparison – -not sure that is entirely practical though! So think will opt for the brining and Colin who has had my unbrined turkey for most of her previous Christmas dinners can declare the best method going forward.

    Meanwhile love Nigella’s gammon and would love to know your thoughts about smoked V unsmoked. Always smoked for me. And half boiled and finished in the oven.

    And finally congratulations on your second beautiful daughter.


    1. Unpractical but delicious! Gammon thoughts coming soon, and my two favourite recipes for it so hopefully you’ll like these two. Thanks very much for your comments and I’ll keep Colin updated with all things baby related!


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