One week to go, prepare to prepare

The biggest news I have this week is that I am now going to be taking this blog a little more seriously and have started to allow people to read it- a novel idea for a blog I know, but I’m a futuristic maverick.

Back at work, only 4 days a week until the New Year, but 4 days is more than enough.  It’s been a nice introductory week back though, as on the whole, there have been no boss people in, so we’ve just been able to enjoy each others company and not sit in silence.  All change next week though as it’s the final week before Christmas and the final week that anything can happen in the App Store, not that it will matter much to our clients who very rarely listen to any of our advise anyway.

Baby #2 is doing well and is certainly putting on weight!  Only 3 weeks old and already more than 1lb more than her birth weight, it would appear she has inherited my genes for eating.

Still, the exciting is starting to build towards Christmas.  Christmas Eve is my favourite day of the year and this year we have some socialising to do, which I’m hoping won’t put me off it!  I will also be prepping and cooking 2 Gammon joints.

In an ideal world, obviously all food would be cooked on the day itself, however my mum has the world’s smallest oven.  It is still going from when they first moved in to the house 35+ years ago, and whilst still working (just), it is too small to cook everything and have everything ready at the same time, so a few years ago we took the decision to cook the meat the day before and then let the gravy re-heat it on the plate.  Sounds strange- but works for us for the moment.

So this year, to help out on my Mum’s first Christmas without my Dad, I’m cooking the Gammon on Christmas Eve at my place.  But I don’t mind, it gives me chance to cook it my way and not have to do as I’m told!

So, to the Gammons team- onwards!


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